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I am working currently within a customer centered job in Shannon airport, but due to the low passengers numbers my contract will be ceasing the 30th of September 2012. This wouldn't be my only reason for wanting a career change, I feel that my personality and skills acquired through third level education and my experience with team work and customer care provide me with a good bases to start on for myself to better and broaden my experiences in employment. I have been hoping to undertake a change from what I am currently employed in and I find my self looking for a job that I would enjoy and excel in. I am available for contact at any time.I have great interest in pursuing a career where I would be working with people for which I have completed a B.A honors Level 8 in counseling with the I.C.H.S, I am also interested in working alongside others in a team environment and am hoping to further my career in caring and relations.
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Marina Kelly

Marina Kelly's Professional Experience

2011 - Present

Counsellor - private pratice

My role as a counsellor is not to give advice. It is to question the way people look at things, the way they behave or react to situations and help others to develop new strategies for dealing with situations. I must develop an understanding of circumstances, listening to what is said and by offering support and insight. I am trained to provide individual counselling, Group therapy, Online and telephone counselling or Self-help groups. Normally, a trained counsellor is one who has completed a one year Counselling training course. A qualified counsellor is normally one who has completed both the three-year to four year long degree In Counselling in a particular counselling field for which I have trained in counselling and youth studies(at level 7) and counselling and psychotherapy(at level 8 Honours).

2009 - Present

Shannon Airport - A.S.U officer

As an Airport security officer I was there to provide a safe environment for staff and passengers as they embark on their journeys, and control access to restricted areas. Every day, I came in contact with a huge variety of people from different countries and cultures, so excellent communication and customer service skills were essential. I needed to be sensitive to their needs and issues while at the same time efficient and reassuring in enforcing a highly secure environment by operating X-ray equipment, searching passengers and luggage and checking ID and vehicles. Great customer service and a friendly smile can make a huge difference to someone’s journey so our relationships and attitudes with passengers and staff were key. During my years working in this position I have gain a greater skill at interpersonal relationship building with customers in all type of situations and feel that I am capable of providing a quality service.

2010 - 2010

Sean Henneys shannon - Summer part time sales and general store running

I Worked in this shop to gain an understanding in retail management and further my experience in this area. My role was to be a sale representative and work with customers on a one to one basis. The responsibilities I had in this role were money management and product placement on the floor and in the stockroom, as well as the presentation of the store and the products. I undertook the general management of the store such as cleanliness and greeting/helping the customers. This job gave me the opportunity again to develop and advance my person to person skills while working off my own initiative.

Marina Kelly's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Counselling and Psychotherapy

I.C.H.A.S limerick

The BA Hons in Counselling and Psychotherapy is a level 8 add-on that provides the learner with the technical skills and competencies to work as a professional counsellor following accreditation from a professional body. The programme is academically accredited by HETAC and professionally accredited by the Association of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists (APCP) and provides the learner with insight and knowledge of the latest approaches to counselling interventions across a range of specialist areas. Uniquely the BA Hons in Counselling and Psychotherapy available at ICHAS emphasises both a therapeutic and social model of counselling, offering graduates greater opportunities in terms of employment within the private and public sector, or within private practice.

Practicing counsellors who wish to augment a Level 7 qualification in light of forthcoming statutory regulation will also benefit from this qualification.


Bachelor/Degree - counselling and psychotherapy

I.C.H.A.S limerick

I Achieved an M1 degree at level 7 and an M1 and level 8 while also spending time working in a primary and secondary school , as well as using my skills in 4th year to attain and work with clients of my own.

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Student member of the A.P.C.P


B.A lvl 7 Ord degree
B.A lvl 8 HONS degree