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Marina Farrelly's Video Content Specialist role at Babelgum (2007 - 2009)

My role in Babelgum was a busy one and I have listed what my duties were:
Validated test videos Babelgum received from content providers to ensure that they met our specifications of bitrates, frame per second and format
Conducted the quality assurance of encoded content ensuring excellent standards of audio, visual and metadata carried out within a strict 24 hour deadline
Created and extracted metadata from excel sheets applying rigorous analysis and attention to detail for the purpose of publication
Carried out time stamping for the purpose of advertising
Manually encoded clips to improve the visual and audio quality to meet the company’s high standards
Carried out User Acceptance Testing of updates to internal systems such as the content management system and encoding farm
Tracked quality assurance process for management reports
Authored documentation to aid others understanding of Babelgum’s internal systems
Archived tapes and DVDs received from Babelgum’s content providers


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