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Marina Farrelly's Digital Content Engineer role at National Centre for Technology in Education (2010 - 2010)

As a Digital Content Engineer with the National Centre for Technology in Education, I currently work under the National Coordinator for Digital Content and the Project Officer for Internet Safety. I have worked on several different projects including the coordination of photographs for ImageBank, editing footage from the In-service Seminar for Primary School Principals for the NCTE website. I also assisted the Internet Safety Officer on the re-development of the WebWise site. I coordinated the resources from the existing site and brought them to the new site via a Content Management System ResKit and dScribe (this process in still ongoing). I have also created new demonstrations for WebWise on “How to Control Your Facebook Privacy Settings” and “How to Create Lists on Facebook”. I created these demonstrations by using Camtasia and also using this program I created visual podcasts from the Regional Internet Safety Meeting.
During my time in the NCTE I have gained a lot of knowledge about content management and development, video editing and publishing.


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