Manuel Amorim - Industrial Engineer and Managing Partner at Ingeniat Estudios y Proyectos SL

Industrial Engineer and Managing Partner at Ingeniat Estudios y Proyectos SL

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I'm an industrial engineer in Spain, currently performing tasks related to the design of steel structures, tools, lifting appliances and other mechanically functioning equipment for customers located in Norway. Other activities include researching and analyzing customer design proposals, specifications, manuals, and other data to evaluate the feasibility, cost and requirements of designs or applications.

I was formerly involved in the design of water supply networks and firefighting systems, including detection and supression. Also involved with projects related to the design of general services (compressed air, boiler rooms, ligthning applications, HVAC, water treatment systems, etc) as well as urban planning of industrial areas.

Since 2005 I've been (slowly) working on my PhD in industrial engineering, mostly so as to have an excuse to delve into specific topics that are of interest to me.

Manuel Amorim's Professional Experience

2007 - Present

Ingeniat Estudios y Proyectos SL - Industrial Engineer and Managing Partner

- Steel structures in acc. with Norsok, DNV, NS3472 stds.
- Lifting sets in acc. with DNV 2.7-1.
- Lifting appliances and gear in acc. with DNV Lifting Appliances.
- Offshore containers in acc. with DNV 2.7-1, 2.7-2, EN 12079.
- Driller cabins and LERs.
- Mud systems to Norsok and DNV Standards.
- Pressure vessels in acc. with BS PD5500 and EN 13445.

Management of construction:
- Steel structures, piping, pressure vessels.
- Containers and skids custom & taylor made.

Key Skills
ACC construction engineering
2006 - 2007

It Energy Ferrol SL - Industrial Engineer and Managing Partner

Design and engineering of steel structures, analysis of lifting appliances, design of mud systems and piping, firefighting systems and miscellaneous other installations in accordance with Norsok and DNV standards.

Key Skills
2003 - 2006

Proyfe SL - Industrial Engineer

Urban and industrial area development. Design of water supply networks, fire fighting systems, gas supply networks, miscellaneous services (steam, compressed air, boiler rooms, HVAC, water treatment systems, electrical systems, etc).

Key Skills
AIR Electrical
2002 - 2003

Universidad de A Coruña - System administrator

Grant for system administration of existing educational network infrastructure consisting of linux servers and active directory network. I also garnered some additional expertise in the deployment of local area networks based upon wired (ethernet and gigabit ethernet) and wireless infraestructures, administration of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP) servers, hotspot servers (Radius authentication), VPN networks (OpenSwan & IPSEC), VOIP servers (asterisk / IAX & SIP based), DNS servers (bind), proxy servers (squid), mail servers (postfix with SMTP-auth & TLS), firewalls (smoothwall & ipcop), etc.

Key Skills
Active Directory Administration DNS firewalls LAMP Linux MySQL PHP proxy SIP VPN

Manuel Amorim's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - PhD, Industrial Engineering

Universidad de A Coruna


Bachelor/Degree - MsC, Industrial Engineering

Universidad de A Coruna


Bachelor/Degree - , English

University of Cambridge

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