Malia Aharoni - Founder of Ideal Birth

Founder and Co-Owner at Ideal Birth



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United States

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Medical and Nursing



A Master Doula and Internationally Certified Lactation Consultant, Malia Aharoni applies her skills to guide new mothers throughout their pregnancies and postpartum experiences. Ms. Aharoni currently channels the bulk of her professional energy toward her responsibilities at Ideal Birth, a company she cofounded in October 2010. Based in Sherman Oaks, California, Ideal Birth provides a wide array of services and classes designed to facilitate a healthy, stress-free birth for every client. A Lead Doula at the company, Malia Aharoni garners consistent accolades for the advice and direction she provides, including enthusiastic recommendations that reference her nurturing, compassionate attitude. One Ideal Birth client stated, “I honestly don’t know what I would have done if it were not for Malia . . . I could not have imagined a better birth experience.”

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