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Maki Arai's QA Engineer role at Vistatec Ltd (2003 - 2009)


•5+ years as part of localisation team working on a large variety of projects
•Testing a wide range of software products across multiple platforms and languages (ie. European, Asian and Arabic languages)
•I setup the test environments including test complex servers/clients, testing tools and followed by testing the relevant software, logging bugs into a bug database, and regressing bugs (monitoring active bugs assign and resolution of bugs) to build a gold master for our clients (See Skills for available client/server platforms covered)
•Carried out linguistic review (Investigating and resolving localization bugs) of the software when required
•Worked on-site in Canon and Clearswift for five months in the UK
•Assisted Engineers, DTPs, Document teams and Art teams with Asian language issues
•Worked on Cisco voice system for Japanese language and assisted with subcontracting of translators
•Also worked as a Team Leader assistant, which involved organising tasks for the team, dealing with client enquiries and in contact with Project Leader and Team leader on a daily basis
•Art work: Taking screenshots of software GUI. Editing screenshots and entering localised text where required. Screenshots are then used in manuals, help and other applications
•TM verification: storing previously translated source texts and their equivalent target texts in a database and retrieving related segments during the translation of new texts


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