Maik Aagaard - Managing Principal - Development Planning and Financing Group, Inc.

Managing Principal at Development Planning and Financing Group, Inc.



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United States

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Accounting and Finance



Executive Maik Aagaard is a finance professional with nearly 20 years of experience in market research, business development, and real estate. Presently, Maik Aagaard serves Development Planning and Financing Group Incorporated as Managing Principal. Aagaard has been with the company since 2004 and is responsible for overseeing various business operations, including managing consulting practices and advising developers on financial and business decisions.

Throughout his career, Aagaard has served a number of institutions and firms in various industries. Beginning in 1994, he joined BASF Aktiengesellschaft, a chemical industry leader based in Germany. Serving as a Market Research Analyst, Aagaard gained experience in evaluating business and industry data. He also developed research projects, led research teams, and provided supporting market reports for strategic planning.

Maik Aagaard's Professional Experience

2004 - Present

DPFG, Inc. - Managing Principal

After gaining experience in financial analysis and real estate development, Maik Aagaard became the Managing Principal for Development Planning and Financing Group, Inc., in 2006 and established DPFG’s consulting practice in Florida. As the head of the consulting team, he oversees the management of 30 projects with operating budgets totaling more than $8 million for a full range of real estate development projects for clients in public and private spheres, along with client engagements related to capital budgeting, risk and return, and cash flow feasibility analysis. Among his many accomplishments, he assisted a group of five banks in evaluating a workout plan for a multi-million dollar syndicated revolving credit facility. He has assisted in the formation, implementation, financing and management of over 80 projects, including financing in excess of $850 million in public infrastructure throughout California and Florida (using land secured bonds (CDD/CFD) and tax increment financing).
Maik’s client engagements include real estate consulting with emphasis in capital market and financial advisory services with a focus in strategic planning for public-private partnerships, REO assets, public financing, assessment methodologies for bond financings, fiscal impact analysis, special district formation, implementation and management to finance public infrastructure.
Prior to joining DPFG, Maik held analyst positions with public finance consulting firms focusing on special assessment/tax revenue proformas, bonded indebtedness projections, cost allocation mechanisms, overlapping debt analysis for municipal bond financing programs, and special district administration.

Key Skills
Administration budgeting finance strategic planning Tax