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2007 - Present

Southern Cross Healthcare - Home Manger

Lynne Anderson
23 Hurstfield Road
M28 7UJ

Current: Manger Beech House
Radcliffe Park Crescent
M6 7WQ

Previous: Deputy Manager Beech House.


GCE English Language 1979
CSE English Literature 1979
Maths CSE 1979
Commerce RSA 1979
Shorthand RSA 1979
Typing RSA 1979


Level 1 counselling 2002 Salford College ABC awards: Understanding the concepts of counselling and the theory underpinning all therapy.
Level 2 Counselling 2003 Salford College ABC awards: Creating a counselling skills professional framework. Principles of anti discriminatory principles and practise. Counselling theory. Counselling skills. Personnel developments and growth.
Advanced certificate YP 2005 Salford College ABC awards: Complete all standards of coursework understanding relating to above including legislation

Bereavement Counselling 2005 Pendleton College OCNW : Understanding of the effects of grief and how they impact on individuals. Anticipated Grief, Process of grief.

Diploma in counselling 2006 ABC awards: Professional and Organisational issues, Counselling in a diverse society, Counselling theory Advanced counselling skills Counselling specialism.

Advanced Certificate Therapeutic Hypnosis 2008 ABC awards:
Understanding deep relaxation techniques. Promote a conducive atmosphere to therapy.

Diploma hypnosis psychology psychotherapy National college of hypnosis and Psychotherapy 2008: Course work development of practise.

Diploma Indian Head Massage Gateway 2008: Practical understanding and application of anatomy and physiology.

NVQ Health and Social Care Level 3

NVQ Health and Social Care Level 4
Diploma level 5 Leadership and Management Skills
Mental Capacity Act (Safeguarding team) 2010
Boots care of medicines 2009
Blood Glucose monitoring (NHS) 2009
Infection Control 2009
Fire Safety 2009
Moving and Handling Facilitator 2009
Food Hygiene 2009
Care Planning 2009
Dementia Awareness 2009
SOVA 2009
Pressure Care 2009
Health and Safety 2009
Safe Handling of medication 2009
Bed Rails 2009
Fire Safety 2009
Reiki Healing1&2 2007
First Aid 2006
Blood Born Virus’s/Safe injecting 2006
Group Therapy 2006
Motivational Interviewing 2005
Art Expressive therapy 2005
Behavioural Management 2005
Webster Stratton Group Leader 2005
Alcohol misuse level 2 (DANOS) 2005
Understanding drugs and Alcohol 2004
Support for families (NOCN) 2003
Citizens Advise Generalist Advisor 2003


Newday Therapies 2002 - current

I have a passionate interest in supporting people whom find themselves in conflict emotionally. Waiting lists for counselling and therapy services were and still are extensive, myself and two founder members started a group offering this service free to the local community. This consisted of constituting, preparing and writing polices for acceptance to the BACP. Securing funding from local charities and community funding schemes and being answerable to them by providing written accounts of spend. All members are expected to operate within the guidelines set out by the BACP. The group went from strength to strength from 3 -15 members offering placement positions for Salford College and trainee counselling students Networking with the local community and utilising rooms at the one stop shops to deliver our service. Newday continued until 2008 when it became a private concern offering therapy for affordable price. As a member of newday I attended a training sessions offered by Salford city council in the setting up and running of a business consisting of ltd companies, account management, insurance, health and safety and of course networking with others to support the business, it was then I became involved with a company called inner peace. They offered reiki and holistic therapies to carers in the community. I offered my services to them and developed further skills working with the carers.
Newday is now renamed and continues under Newday Therapeutic Solutions, the business now offers only free therapy to those in need and still retains a client base.

Home start Family support 2003 -2006
To support families in there own homes, supporting them to maintain strong family connections, to liaise with child protection teams attend multi disciplinary team meetings in relation to child protection issues, Support for the parents and the children, signpost to other services including dentists, educational needs, young carer support groups, disability support groups. Preparing reports as required. My biggest achievement for one family was to campaign to provide them with more room to remain in there home. This resulted in an extension being erected by Salford city council to provide disabled facilities, improving the lives of all the family members.

Citizens Advise Bureau 2003 -2006
Training was extensive for this role but very reward able, it was to offer extensive advise to the local community covering issues such as benefits, consumer, employment, housing and general advise. The role prepared me for a wealth of issues in other employment and provided me with the tools to work in the best interest of individuals I work with.

ADS Rochdale 2002 -2006
Working as a counsellor, providing rapid assessment for those afflicted with drug and alcohol issues, to offer support on a one to one and group basis. Sign post individuals through to tier 4 services for detox and rehabilitation. Deliver information on safe injecting and needle exchange. Provide comprehensive reports and records.

Solutions 2005 -2008
Promote and market the business inline with management request. Implement and produce training facilities for delegates from around the county and ensure that all trainees are updated in ECDL. Network with local councils, business and G.P surgeries to provide in house, site training to individuals. To attend meetings and negotiations to provide this service. Maximise uptake of training to increase profitability of the company. Management based work ensuring staffing levels, materials, invoices and reports.

Bennett House 2006-2008
Tier 4 rehabilitation to assist individuals whom have been afflicted with drug and alcohol issues through 1-1 and group therapy, to liaise with care managers and other professionals to offer a full and compressive service to our client group. To recognise signs of continued abuse through drug testing and monitoring of prescription use. To assess, care plan and review in a regular basis. To maintain health and social activities with individuals whom may have health issues such as hep c, HIV and ulcerations due to unsafe injecting and neglect. To support members whom had moved into the community and provide community support, through networking with domiciliary care to provide ‘pop ins’ support in bathing shopping and cleaning. To maintain safeguarding of individuals in the community through signposting and networking. Reorder medication and dispense as prescribed in a controlled environment. Many of the ex-residents I supported were elderly and had had drink/drug problems for many years. Some had suffered with cardiomyopathy and neuropathy which affected mobility. I prepared individual programs to utilise and maximise budgets. To perform health and safety checks, monitor the building and provide active on call support on a rota basis. To maintain occupancy levels and to promote the service and deliver the service in the absence of the manager. To manage as and when necessary. To provide an outreach service to the community. Deal with conflict, challenging situations and implement safe working practises through the implementation of a lone worker policy. Work closely with supporting people.

Worsley Lodge 2007
To offer admin support on a casual basis as and when required, and support the elderly in a care home setting.

Pendleton Court 2008
To offer care to the elderly as and when required. Provide senior duties as and when required. To actively prepare a full and varied activities program for all EMI residents as and when required. Liaise with the manager in active ways of promoting the service, to carry out reasonable requests as and when required in relation to service users. To maintain accurate documentation including risk assessment and safe working practise. Follow company policy and adhere to safe working practise at all times maintaining confidential records and good relations with visiting professionals. Attend reviews upon request. Be in attendance for all functions and make appropriate arrangement under instruction of the manager for promotion of the service.

Beech House Deputy manager Southern Cross Healthcare
Assist with personnel care as and when required, reorder and check all medication ensuring that all residents are reviewed in line with company policy. Assist the manager in other areas of work relating to Beech house. To produce the off duty and ensure staffing levels are accurate on weekly basis and provide cover when all avenues have been exhausted. To ensure the well being of individuals through continual review of care plan updating and assessment. To assess individuals for need prior to admission. To implement all company policies. Maintain records and documentation. Ensure that all residents appointments are followed. Deliver a quality service to improve daily life in Beech House, ensure health and safety is maintained. To see people as a whole and assess need/want requirements and deliver that service to all. To manage supervisions as required, ensure training matrix is updated and all training needs are addressed. To promote dignity and respect at all times with all residents, staff and visitors. To develop a ‘family’ orientated atmosphere whilst delivering the highest standard of care.

Beech House Manager Southern Cross Healthcare
To provide all of the above care and ensure the continuity of such, in addition to ensuring that staffing levels through recruitment, budgets, reorders for materials staff meetings, residents/relative meetings. To assist the staff to create a conducive environment for care in a dignified manner. To promote the home, paying attention to the warm homely atmosphere created. To maintain continuity of care. To complete all relevant paperwork including safeguarding and follow all regulations. To carry out reviews with all social workers, work toward occupancy. Network and forge strong relations with others, including the safeguarding team, social workers, contract and other providers to offer a transparent service. To deal with all issues relating to staff through the correct channels and in line with company policy.

Personnel interests and character.

The above roles are not exhaustive. I would describe my self as a conscientious person who has a great compassion for the well being of others. I strive to go the extra mile and create opportunities to improve services. I am person centred and offer a holistic approach to care in any arena. I pay attention to detail and act on those when required.

My husband passed away in 1996, I cared for him in our home until his death. I addressed all his personnel needs and coordinated with district nurses and other professional in order that he could remain at home. This was a 24 hour commitment from myself. I also had 4 children aged under 5 to care for. I see myself as no stranger to hard work and commitment in any role. I have continued to develop as a compassionate individual who promotes care, choice dignity and respect. In 2007 I cared for my own mother ensuring all her needs were met. I empathise with relatives when entering into services and offer an open door policy where anyone can discuss concerns or worries that they may have.

When not working I enjoy the company of my family and friends, long walks and quiet moments. I have a warm approach and a good sense of humour.

References Available From :

Sue Arnold, Area Manager
Southern Cross Healthcare
c/o Chorlton Place
Wilbraham Road

Wendy Wood Quality Advisor
Southern Cross Healthcare

Tracey Holmes
Learning Mentor
Chatsworth High School

Lynne Anderson's Education and Qualifications


Higher Diploma - Therapy and Social Care

Salfor College

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