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A professional with more than three decades of experience in the cabinet industry, Lyle Harrison presently serves Wolf Creek Cabinets of Lacombe, Alberta, in his role as founder and owner. The company works mainly in the private housing market through its custom design process. Prospective clients schedule a home consultation with a cabinet expert like Lyle Harrison, who then provides the client with ideas pursuant to a final cabinet design. Installation occurs after trucks deliver cabinets to the client's home and workers install the products over roughly seven days.

Lyle Harrison established Wolf Creek Cabinets after moving to Lacombe twenty years ago and noting the local need for a cabinet provider. After purchasing the necessary machinery, Mr. Harrison began to grow the business’ customer base.

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Certificate - journeyman/cabinet maker

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

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He's an avid golfer at the Wolf Creek Golf Resort, Ponoka as well as at the Lacombe Golf andCountry Club, member Wolf Creek Golf Resort, has been a fly fisher for many many years, He used to fish with hooks growing up on Buffalo Lake and as a result he just graduated to using flies for fly fishing, traveling for golf to Greece, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Georgia, books, crafting beer, is a site he's very active on in regards to the beer crafting, beer historian, moderator on craft beer site, curling is a sport he was very much into in the past and is maybe even thinking of getting back into one day.