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LuvEssentials is celebrating 11 years as a leader in the pheromone industry. Offering personalized customer care and achieving a top rating on eBay for customer satisfaction, LuvEssentials stands behind its products, which have special formulas for both men and women. In addition to a line of pheromones, LuvEssentials also sells Scent of Eros products from scientist and pheromone researcher James Vaughn Kohl. Kohl is an expert who has studied the effects of pheromones on humans for more than 25 years.

The products available at utilize optimized pheromones formulated in a lab. LuvEssentials developers infuse a potent blend of high-quality pheromones with a mix of effective additives to trigger attraction-enhancing scents. LuvEssentials offers results-driven sensuous pheromone fragrances with proven performance results backed by customer testimonials and a total money-back guarantee.

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