Ludmila Adamiak - Cash Manager

Cash Manager at Opal Transfer Ltd



Work category

Banking Insurance and Financial Services



Ludmila Adamiak's Cash Manager role at Opal Transfer Ltd (2006 - Present)

- receives and receipts a variety of payments and other cash and cash-related transactions; verifies and posts to appropriate accounts; issues receipts
- prepares daily cash reports and balances the cash drawer; reconciles cash and investigates and resolves any out-of-balance problems,
- assists individuals in the accurate application of their transactions, and when necessary researches records on electronic and other available files to provide information regarding financial status,
- maintains confidentiality of company records as prescribed according to company regulations, the Data and Protection Act and FSA regulations,
- projects currency and coin requirements and reorders as necessary,
- prepares safe register reports of the branch,
- controlling of daily work in the branch


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