Louise  Atkinson - Open minded with desire to learn.

bar staff at Chilli whites



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United Kingdom

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I like to think i have quite a few key skills which makes me able to fit into quite a large category of job possibilities. First of all, I am very responsible and am not afraid to act on my own initiative on any matter and trust my instincts. Although, I am also very willing, and love, working in a team and if I am having trouble with something am not afraid to ask for help.
Secondly, having studied law I am able to deal and apply information quickly and accurately. I think this is a great use in any job which involves thinking on your feet and getting the best result as quickly as possible.
Finally, I am very reliable and friendly and can always get along with anyone in any environment.
I would love to travel and learn about a new culture in doing so. I have an ambition to try and achieve the best result possible for myself and hopefully intend to do so.



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