Longinus Nwaebe - Pharmaceutical Scientist_Biochemist

Internship-Pharmaceutical Consultant External at Abbott Pharmaceutical, Sligo, Ireland.



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Pharmaceutical and Science



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Specialties & Main Job Targets:
 Research & Development-Scientist: Discovering & Development of new pharmaceuticals.
 Organic Synthetic Chemist: Synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API's) & Scale up to desired batch.
 Biochemist: Making biopharmaceutical therapies/medicinal products.
 Protein purification Scientist: Biologics-Upstream & Downstream bio-processing.
 Formulation Scientist: Formulating drugs in Tablets, Capsules, Injections, Creams, Ointments, Gels, Solutions & Suspensions.
 QC Analyst: Stability testing-Testing raw materials & finished products for identity, degradation agents such as Chemical, Biological & Physical contaminants.
 QC Microbiologist: Testing for presence of microbial, viral, fungi, Pyrogen & Endotoxin etc.
 Pharmacologist: Study of drug action in humans and Animals. To determine concentration, identify, testing drugs to treat and prevent disease.
 Drug Safety Scientist: In vivo & in vitro assays: Testing drug interactions in humans & in animals.
 Clinical Research Scientist: The Clinical Studies of drug effectiveness-Safety & drug reaction in humans & Animals @ Clinical Trial.
 Toxicologist: To study toxic effects of drugs in living organisms (Evaluation of poisonous drugs and other chemical substances in a laboratory system)
 QA Scientist: Evaluations of QC data & inspection of Good Manufacturing Practice & Good Laboratory Practice of pharmaceutics.
 Validation: Verification & Validity of the Manufacturing-Standard Operations Procedures.
 Chemical Engineering-Scientist: Production of chemical substances "Therapies and/or Industrial Chemicals".

Oil & Gas-Petroleum Industries:
Analytical Chemist: Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis; testing hydrocarbons for identity and quality of petroleum products.
Industrial Chemist: Distillation of petrol (separation of crude oil components).
Toxicologist: Evaluations of hazardous chemicals and other poisonous gases e.g. air pollutants in working environments.

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