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United States

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Accounting and Finance



Former U.S. Navy Reserve Captain Lloyd G. LeCain is known as a proud supporter of the United States Naval Institute. As a lifetime member of the organization, he feels strongly that the institute’s publications, such as Ethics for the Junior Officer, serve as an important resource for naval professionals. As a lecturer and instructor at his local reserve center, Lloyd G. LeCain provides his favorite publications to incoming direct commission officers and to the lead boot camp students at the organization.

In his retirement, Lloyd G. LeCain maintains an active presence at the Naval Institute. In addition to his teaching position, he attends all of the functions at the organization. He is a regular financial donor and recently bequeathed his ceremonial sword to the institute, to be used during special events.

Lloyd G LeCain's Professional Experience

2012 - Present

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Bachelor/Degree - Marine Transportation

Texas A&M University

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Texas A& M association of Former students, I am also am a Small Business member of the Naval War College Foundation and am a life member of “National Defense Transportation Association”, Comodores Club, 1. The United States Naval Institute 2. The Navy Submarine League 3. The Association of the United States Navy 4. The Surface Navy association 5. The Association of Old Crows 6. Naval War College Foundation 7. National Defense Transportation Association 8. Military Officers Association of America 9. The Reserve Officers Association ( I am President of the Department of California until the end of September) 10. I am a knight of Columbus and of course Roman Catholic 11. I am also a proud member of The National Rifle Association 12. My wife and I are both former US Navy Captains 13. . I have recently has a class room dedicated to me at The Naval Readiness Center, Naval Base Ventura County