Liza Pieridou - Experienced Graphic Designer/Art Director

Art Director at Comunicazionisociali Srl, LUMEN Srl



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Media and Design



Liza Pieridou's Art Director role at Dermalab S.A (2006 - 2009)

Graphic/Packaging design
Concept, creation/design of all the advertising material (flyers, brochures, advertisements for magazines, etc.).

Photo retouching.

Packaging design (creation of sketches, illustrations, layout design, choice of materials, mockups, supervision of the production phase).

Creation of the corporate identity of the company Responsible for the product photo shootings.

Company’s web site up date.


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Concept/Creation, attention to detail

(6 years)

Use of Adobe CS software package, able to handle multiple tasks under tight deadlines and work either independently or as a team player in a complex, fast paced and demanding environment.

(6 years)


(4 years)
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