Liza Pieridou - Experienced Graphic Designer/Art Director

Art Director at Comunicazionisociali Srl, LUMEN Srl



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Media and Design



I am an Art Director in the field of Graphic design with a BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design and a MA degree in Web Design.

During my career I had the opportunity to work for different companies in Cyprus, Switzerland and Italy in the field of corporate/brand design as well as consumer/packaging design, which helped me develop and enrich my approach in design and be able to communicate through my work with different cultures and target audiences.

I am able to handle multiple tasks under tight deadlines and work well either independently or as a team player in a complex, fast-paced and demanding environment.
I always face challenges with a positive attitude and fighting for success, and I am able to keep calm under the highest pressure.

One of my latest creations is the logo for the project “Women Create Life” of the World Health Organization, during my collaboration as Art Director with the company LUMEN in Milan, Italy.

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