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8+ years experience in underground mine geology and exploration geology
Senior Underground Mine Geologist in Au, Pb, Zn underground mine. Design and supervision of underground drilling programs to extend mine life and infill drilling for grade control.
Supervision of 3 geologists, 2 technicians and 2 underground drill rigs as a senior underground geologist
Grade control, reconciliation of mine to mill grades
Resource – Reserves calculation 3d modelling, block modelling, geostatistics using Gemcom Gems
Core logging, underground and surface mapping
Database management with MS Access.
Supervision of lab for preparing pulp samples of diamond drill core samples for chemical analysis.

LAZAROS DALAMPIRAS's Professional Experience

2004 - Present

ESPILON EPSILON SA - Production Supervisor

Production supervisor and head of QA/QC for cement products manufacturing company. My current job responsibilities include supervising a team of 25 people, monitoring the cost control of final products, negotiating with suppliers for purchasing raw materials (gravel, sand, etc.), programming the preventive maintenance of the production machines, allocating personnel according to production needs, producing daily, weekly and monthly production reports for the management and monitoring QA/QC of final products. Supervising and running the lab for testing the final products (Sieve analysis, Attenberg limits, Abrasion Resistance test, Water Absorption test, Breaking test, Freeze-Thaw test).
Supervisor of company's limestone quarry for producing fine sand used in cement products factory.
Participation in the feasibility study for the construction of company's new factory for producing cement products (tiles, interlocking paving blocks etc.) for the local market. Also my responsibilities include the monitoring of the environmental management system of EMAS and Quality Control System ISO 9001/2008.

Key Skills
construction Cost Control negotiating programming Purchasing Reports Supervisor
2011 - 2012

Otava Gold Ltd - Consultant

Prepared a report for an international open bidding offer for the Public Mining Area of Bathi-Gerakario (Copper and Gold) for Otava Gold Ltd. The report compined geological maps of the area with mapping data, drillhole data, geochemical data and geophysical data. The report prepared and delivered to Dr Paul Hanzl. A one day visit was prepared and organized to the area with Dr Paul Hanzl were we visited old mining works and ancient tunnels from Macedonian times also location of previous drillholes done and small open pit mining from previous owners. The deposit was Porhyry Cu-Au type with resources defined so far about 30.000.000 tn with 0.4% Cu and 1.6 g/t Au but the area is under-explored.

Key Skills
1996 - 2003

TVX GOLD INC - Senior Underground Geologist

Work as an exploration geologists responsible for regional exploration work including stream and soil geochemical sampling, ground IP and Mag, surface mapping and regional drilling programs. Work as an mine geologist with responsibilities was to design and supervise ongoing underground exploration to extend mine life, in additional to supervising grade control and day to day geological tasks in the mine. Excellent working knowledge of GEMS by Gemcom which includes database creation using MsAccess, digitizing, 3d modeling, geostatistics, block modeling, resource-reserves reports. Also Surfer, AutoCAD 2008 and Ms Office

Key Skills
AutoCAD AutoCAD 2008 database creation MS Office Reports

LAZAROS DALAMPIRAS's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - BS, Geology

Aristoteleion Panepistimion Thessalonikis

Bachelor/Degree - ,

Graduate of Technological Institute of Thessaloniki

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