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Larchmont Animal Clinic - Veterinarian

Larchmont Animal Clinic’s thoughtful, experienced veterinarians and staff members are devoted to providing outstanding animal care.

Larchmont Animal Clinic owner Dr. Jan Ciganek, who joined the clinic in 1977, graduated from the University of Minnesota. In addition to providing exceptional veterinary care at Larchmont Animal Clinic, Dr. Ciganek focuses on pet health in his blog on the clinic’s website, He is also has a special interest in treating birds and reptiles.
Other veterinarians at Larchmont Animal Clinic include Dr. Robert Imhoff, who attended Western University of Health Sciences, and Dr. Bernadette Santos, who graduated from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Michael McCartney graduated from University of California, Davis. Dr. McCartney, with a special interest in rodents, has treated pets at Larchmont Animal Clinic since 1986. The clinic also employs veterinary technicians and groomers, animal caretakers, and client service representatives as part of its comprehensive staff.

The Larchmont Animal Clinic team not only cares for dogs and cats, but also birds, rodents, and reptiles. From providing medical care to maintaining an informative website, Larchmont Animal Clinic seeks to improve animals’ health and educate pet owners.

Beyond medical checkups and outpatient care, Larchmont Animal Clinic offers a number of services, including grooming, nutrition assistance, feline boarding, dentistry, internal medicine referrals, surgery, and hospitalization. Additionally, Larchmont Animal Clinic provides emergency treatment for pets during its regular hours.

Larchmont Animal Clinic groomers give pets baths, ear cleanings, and nail trims. The staff ensures that pets being groomed are not in contact with unvaccinated animals. Larchmont Animal Clinic’s nutritional counseling helps pet owners learn about their animal’s nutritional needs and devise an appropriate diet.

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