Lamide  Adeboye - hard working, reliable, time keeper and team worker

shop assistant as part of a work experience programme for a month at euro spar supermarket

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i am a reliable, determined, decisive, dependable, calm, adaptable, patient, positive outlook, energetic, understanding, self-sufficient, honest, good communicator, leadership, task-oriented, results-driven, planning and organizing, self-aware, detailed, precise, team-working, cooperation, enthusiastic in finding new opportunities, creative, analytical skills, strategic, systematic.

i love working in a team as i believe that anything can be achieve and possible as far as there is a joint decision.

working in a team is something am very familiar with, i have worked with several organisation which have gave me the benefit to work in a team. i also have great interest in meeting new people, i believe that, the more people you meet, the more you know about life.

thank you for taking your time in reading my profile, i look forward to your reply.

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