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Utilizing his wealth of experience and knowledge, Sifu Richard Baron owns and serves as the owner and Teacher of Kung Fu Power, also called the Little Nine Heaven Internal Kung Fu and Tai Chi School Chicago and North Shore. Mr. Baron has been involved in martial arts since he was a small child and has received black belts in various disciplines. As part of his training, he lived at the Little Nine Heaven Taoist Retreat for several months a year over a period of seven years.

Before opening the 3,300-square-foot Kung Fu Power studio in Highland Park, Illinois, Sifu Richard Baron successfully ran martial arts studios in multiple locations including Vernon Hills and at DePaul University. He has garnered much recognition for his teaching and has appeared on television programs and in newspaper articles, as well as in other media. In addition to teaching students martial arts, Mr. Baron has an interest in traditional Chinese healing.

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1997 - Present

Little Nine Heaven Internal Kung Fu and Tai Chi School Chicago and North Shore - Sifu

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