Khaled Al-Hammadi

Finance Manager at Al-Sadhan Trading Co.


Saudi Arabian

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Accounting and Finance



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Khaled Al-Hammadi's Professional Experience

2004 - Present

Al-Sadhan Trading Co. - Finance Manager

1. Implement continues improvement in financial Policies & Procedures (P&P) to improve the performance at the company level.
2. Suggest rules, P&P and to get approval from higher management and BOD and then to distribute, explain and implement in finance department
3. Ensure that the departmental middle management has understood and grasp the P&P.
4. Provide financial consultancy to finance and all other department of the company.
5. Supervise long-term financial plans to achieve company goals (Vision and Mission).
6. Supervise company annual budget.
7. Review and evaluate all the aspects of business contractual obligations.
8. Comply with the all-financial aspects of company imports.
9. Approve all payment orders within the authorities.
10. Review monthly payroll statement to verify the proper approval and to reconcile the net payable salaries to the concerned accounts.
11. Supervise the perpetual stock take and physical existence of company fixed assets.
12. Supervise the preparation of budget analysis.
13. Supervise the preparation of monthly financial statements on timely basis.
14. Cancel the posted journal entries, required to be cancelled, if any.
15. Co-ordinate with external auditors.
16. Review all financial reports sent by department middle management.
17. Communicate with financial institutions to provide the company required funds.
18. Suggest and discuss the cash handling and cash management tools with top management.
19. Participate in preparation of feasibility studies and to suggest recommendations.
20. Participate in company financial projects deals with other companies.
21. Evaluate the employee of Finance department and discussed with CEO for the approval.
22. Put the external training planning for the employee of Finance.
23. Supervise the preparation of cash budget (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly and five years)
24. Put the planning of payment according to the cash budget
25. Prepare the consolidated of financial stamens for group.
26. Prepare the 5 Years plan for group.
27. Negotiation the financial statements with other as the company agreed.
28. Close the Zakat.

2000 - 2004

Al-Fanar Co. - Accounting Manager

1. Cash management and forecasting
2. Hands on Monitoring and Processing of payables
3. Management of document handling and data input
4. Verification & Authorization of expenditures.
5. Recording and accounting of commitments and expenditure as incurred, and all subsequent allocation, approval an accounting
6. Ensuring regular and timely account reconciliation and subsequent follow up actions
7. Monitoring of sales recording of receivables, and managing of collection
8. Prime responsibility for managing expenses ledger, and follow-up of aged debtor/creditor reports.
9. Payables & Payroll supervising and managing.
10. Preparing & Monitoring Budget and Cash Flow.
11. Monthly operation review reports (income statement & balance sheet)
12. Consolidated.
13. Responsible of the Partners Accounts.
14. Follow the Recovery ratio.
15. Financial Analysis.
16. Control the Fixed Assets.

1996 - 2000

Sinjab Est. - Accounting Manager

1- Responsible for the Integrated Accounts Program (Bazar).
2- Making Monthly Trial Balances and Final Statement.
3- Preparing Banks Settlements.
4- Preparing Cash Flow and Budgets.
5- Entering Data to Integrated Accounts Program
6- Following the Accounts Receivable.
7. Following the Import Documents.
8- Inventory Control.
9- Following the Orders.
10-Following and analyzing the owner's accounts.
11. Following the External Auditors.
12. Close the Taxation.
13. Cash & Banks Management.
14. Following the customs broker.

Khaled Al-Hammadi's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - A

Damascus Un.


Masters/PostGrad - Accounting

University of Damascus


Higher Diploma - Accounting

Damascus Un

Khaled Al-Hammadi's Additional Information



Footbal, Walking


Certified Financial Manager – UK, starting from May 2010



1. Financial performance improvement
2. Implementing Cash Management Programs
3. Working Capital Management
4. P&L and operations management
5. Short term & Long term cash flow forecasting