Keyla Cristina Xavier

cleaner (housekeeping) at Castle Office Contracts



Work category

Customer Service



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Keyla Cristina Xavier's Professional Experience

2012 - Present

Castle Office Contracts - cleaner (housekeeping)

Office cleaning: rooms, tables, bathrooms, corridors, lifts and floors
Vacuum cleaning, sweeping, polishing, dusting
Cleaning windows and tables
Collecting rubbishs
Kitchen cleaning: operate wash-up machine
Washing the dishes, cutlery, glass, bowl and plates.
Assisting with the preparation food, transport and serving
Cleaning the staff facilities on a daily basis as needed
Cleaning all fridges and equipment as required
Ensure the wash area is maintained in a neat organized manner

Key Skills
Cleaning polishing Transport
2011 - 2011

Bijou Deli - Waitress / Bar Staff

- Take orders and make charges
- Support the team involved in the restaurant
- Collected dirty dishes and cleaned tables

Keyla Cristina Xavier's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - yes

Dublin Institute of Technology

Course Reference : DT358 - Logistics and Supply Chain Management