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2011 - Present


Curriculum Vitae
Juliet Elizabeth Newton
Tremeer Lodge, Wadebridge Road, St Tudy, Bodmin.
Cornwall. PL30 3NL
Telephone: 01208 851463
Mobile: 07887 880425
Date of Birth: 14th August 1970      Nationality: British    Marital Status: Married
Educational History
1989 – 1992  Tor College of Nursing and Midwifery, Exeter.
General Nursing Training            NMC Pin: 89A1555E
1981 – 1988   Launceston Community College
                       ‘A’ Level      Classical Civilisation       D
                       ‘AO’ Level   Greek History                  C
                       ‘O’ Level      English Literature            B
                       ‘O’ Level      English Language            A
CSE            Mathematics                     1
CSE            Biology                             1
CSE            French                               1
CSE            Drama                               1
CSE            Home Economics              1
Training Courses
2006 – 2011 Mandatory annual updates in BLS, Manual Handling, and PGD training
2005 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Diploma (not yet completed)
2004 Working creatively with troubled and troublesome adolescents.
2004 Emotional abuse and neglect (three day course)
2004 Child sexual abuse (two day course)
2004 Lone working training day.
2004 Child concern model training.
2004 Smoking Cessation training day.
2004 Depression and anxiety in children and young people.
2004 Smoking Cessation Training Update
2004 Self harm and young people (one day)
2003 Working with young people and families. (one day)
2003 Understanding the mental health needs of children and young people. (two days)
2003 Child protection (two day course)
2003 Child protection (half day course)
2002 (Oct) ENB 285 Palliative Care. Therapeutic Approaches in Continuing Care HEA 351/278.
2000 Venepuncture.
2000 Male catheterisation.
2000 Clinical Supervision
1998 Basic life support instructors course. (updated annually until 2002)
1998 Basic life support. (updated annually)
1998 Intravenous drug administration.
1997 Bandaging techniques.
1997 Doppler assessment.
1996 Maintaining a wound healing environment.
1996 Manual Handling. (updated annually)
1996 Practical pressure sore management.
Employment History
Jan 08 – Present time  Custody Nurse.
• Working as an autonomous practitioner with Devon and Cornwall Constabulary providing specialised nursing support to detainees while in custody.
• Assessing detainees as to their fitness to detain, establishing relevant medical details and medication requirements.
• Monitoring detainees with drug and/or alcohol dependencies for signs of withdrawal and treating symptomatically within my remit.
• Dealing with minor injuries or transfers to hospital when required.
• Training new member of the team and supporting them during their early stages within a new setting.
• Providing cover for custody centres in Camborne, Newquay, Launceston, Plymouth and Barnstaple as and when required due to staffing shortages.
• Acting as adoptee for the Cornwall units it was my responsibility to ensure that all equipment was in good order, stock medication was ordered in a timely manner and replacing stock and equipment as necessary.
• Referring detainees when necessary to drug and alcohol teams, mental health teams or workers with the homeless.
• Obtaining samples during forensic examination to aid the police in proving or disproving the detainees involvement in specific incidents.
Feb 2007 – Dec 07          The Cornish Arms
                            Bar Staff.
May 2007 -   Dec 07    Cornwall and Isles of Scilly PCT
                          Stop Smoking advisor. – Band 5
• Working with the specialist pregnancy team to provide information, advice and support to pregnant women and their families to quit smoking until six weeks after the birth of their babies.
• To run clinics in a variety of different settings including GP surgeries, workplaces, pubs, clubs and home visits.
• To provide ongoing support through clinics, home visits and telephone contact.
• To make professional recommendations to GP’s as to which Nicotine Replacement Therapies would be most appropriate to each individual client.
• Working with a wide variety of people from all age groups and walks of life in an empathetic way.
• To keep and maintain documentation and records contemporaneously and to a high standard.
March 2003 – 31st August 2006     Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust
                                       School Health Sister – Band 6
• Employed in a multi disciplinary team though working my own caseload as a lone worker in a rural setting.
• Covering school aged children in 8/9 primary schools and one large secondary school.
• Dealing with health promotion, education, child and adolescent mental health, general health, eneuresis, special educational needs and child protection.
• Teaching within PHSE syllabus: primary age covering personal hygiene and puberty and secondary age covering contraception, sexually transmitted infection and empowerment.
• Involved in tier one child and adolescent mental health providing a forum for young people to talk about issues affecting them.
• Providing sexual health information and advice to secondary aged students.
• Working in a variety of setting from clinics, schools and home visits.
• Updating my knowledge and attending relevant study days to underpin my working skills.
• Facilitating children, young people and their parents to make informed decisions and empowering them to make good choices.
• Liaising with other health care professionals as well as professionals from other agencies to provide support and information as needed.
• Maintaining accurate contemporaneous notes and a professional attitude and appearance.
1999 – 2003       Plymouth Community Services NHS Trust
Community Nurse – Grade D
• Employed as a member of a multi disciplinary team in a rural environment.
• Working as a lone worker under the management of a district nurse though managing my daily workload autonomously making care decisions using my professional judgement.
• Assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating individual patient care.
• Providing an excellent standard of care to the elderly in the community or in residential care to meet their health needs.
• Liaising with other members of the multi disciplinary team and other health care professionals.
• Maintaining accurate, contemporaneous documentation.
1999 – 2003         Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust
Bank Nurse – Grade D
• Working on a variety of wards from oncology and cardiac care to surgical admissions unit and orthopaedics.
• The need to be adaptable and flexible.
• Maintaining my skills in venepuncture, IV drug administration, ECG’s, male and female catheterisation.
• Taking charge of the ward on occasions in the absence of permanent ward staff.
• Taking charge of a team regularly and providing skilled nursing care to the patients in my team.
2001 – 2003         Dame Hannah Rogers residential school.
Part time school nurse.
• Providing skilled nursing care to young people from 12 – 19 with varying degrees of Cerebral Palsy in the absence of the matron. This would include intermittent catheterisation, P.E.G feeding, pressure area and wound care and managing fits.
• Assisting the care staff as necessary with the basic needs of the children, including feeding, bathing, playing and outings.
• Developing personal skills and knowledge to enable me to provide the best possible care.
• To have a good working knowledge of child protection policy in relation to children with special needs.
1998 – 1999        Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust.
Staff Nurse – Grade D.
• Working as a staff nurse on an oncology ward dealing with patients at all stages of cancer care, both in active treatment and palliative care.
• Providing a high level of nursing care to patients and supporting both them and their families.
• Maintaining accurate, contemporaneous documentation.
• Having a good knowledge of COSHH directives in the safe handing of cytotoxic drugs.
• Good interpersonal skills.
Person Specification.
I am a qualified nurse and have been working within health for twenty years. Although I qualified before nursing became either a diploma or degree course I have kept myself updated and I started to undertake a diploma with a view to doing a degree course at some point in the future.
I currently work for the police force in Devon and Cornwall as a custody nurse. I am based in Camborne though I also provide cover for Newquay, Launceston, Charles Cross (Plymouth) and Barnstaple. I have been in post for a little over a year and have thoroughly enjoyed this position. I work autonomously within the unit, assessing and providing relevant care for the detainees. This often involves monitoring people with drug and/or alcohol dependencies and providing symptomatic treatment to manage withdrawal, also providing first aid for minor injuries and initiating Mental Health Act assessments. As adoptee for the unit it is my responsibility to ensure the smooth running of the unit’s medical needs – ensuring stock levels are sufficient and that equipment is maintained or replaced as required. Communication skills have to especially good in this role as I am dealing with people from all walks of life and with complex needs – often in varying stages of intoxication or with mental health issues. I also regularly liaise with other agencies, providing reports and information within the framework of confidentiality. I am required, quite regularly, to obtain intimate samples for the purposes of forensic examination, this can then be followed by a written statement and occasionally giving evidence at Crown Court. It is a very varied and challenging role and I feel I have grown in confidence during the last year.
Prior to this I worked in a local public bar part time while working for the Smoking Cessation Service in the NHS Public Health Department specialising in working with expectant mothers. I also worked, on occasion, at the hospital in Truro to maintain my clinical skills.
I worked for the previous three and a half years as a School Health Sister in the South of Devon. During this time I was responsible for nine primary schools and one large secondary school of over 2,000 pupils. As well as dealing with the health and well being of the children in these schools it was part of my role to deliver health education and this tended to be focused on sexual health; from developing bodies and relationship issues in the primary school setting to sexual health education in the secondary school. As such it was important for me to be familiar with both teaching skills and government legislation regarding sexual health matters. Alongside the teaching role I was also responsible for the setting up and running of drop-in sessions for young people within the school setting to enable them to discuss sexual health issues and facilitate them in making responsible informed decisions about their own health needs. I am familiar with issues of confidentiality especially in the sensitive areas of sexual health, conception and pregnancy.
Prior to this I have worked in the community as a nurse for four years undertaking all the usual tasks that would be expected under the management of three District Nurses in three G.P practices. In this role I developed my skills and knowledge and gained experience as a lone worker. I was responsible for running the twilight service, preparing rotas, ensuring that there was a second nurse on call and covering sick leave and holidays as well as being part of the twilight team myself.
During this whole period I continued to work at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth as a bank nurse, working in a variety of wards and placements as required. This was to ensure that I did not become deskilled and to enable me to update any skills that might be of use in other area’s of my career.
I spent some time working in a residential school for young people with Cerebral Palsy as it was something I had always wanted to do. I found this experience both challenging and rewarding and loved working with the less able children there. I was employed as a part time nurse covering shifts when the school nurse was, herself, off duty and as such carried quite a lot of responsibility.
Prior to this I had only ever worked in the hospital setting on wards specialising in Oncology and Palliative Care and on wards caring for the elderly prior to discharge. These posts were in a junior role though still with some responsibility and often being in charge of a team in the absence of more senior members of staff. Palliative care is still something I remain quite passionate about and may specialise in at some point in the future.
I am very experienced in inter-agency and multi-agency working and the challenges that this involves and my communication skills are excellent. I have been involved in setting up projects though I have not had the opportunity to take the lead in this to the degree that I would have liked. I am very familiar with the need to keep contemporaneous records and am also familiar with report writing having been very involved in child protection case conferences. My presentation skills are excellent having run the teaching sessions in the secondary school and primary schools and I am able to facilitate change effectively. I do not yet have any budget management skills as this was not part of my role but I am confident that this is a skill that I will be able to pick up with ease and a little training. I am a car driver with a current licence and no points or convictions for driving offences. I am computer literate and keen to embrace new technology. I am used to working to tight deadlines and enjoy working under pressure, I like to work hard and have excellent time management skills.
  I have been a lone worker for most of the last ten years though still part of a larger team so I am able to work independently but do enjoy the opportunity to work with others.  I tend to be something of a diplomat though I am not afraid to speak out if the situation warrants it. I am very flexible and adaptable and am able to think on my feet if the situation calls for it. I enjoy networking with members of other agencies and am able to co-ordinate people – something that I have been doing both professionally and within my amateur dramatics group where I have directed several plays.
I believe that I am friendly and personable and get on well with people of all ages, I am not of an aggressive demeanour and prefer to be non-confrontational with the use of tact and diplomacy where possible although I am not afraid of confrontation if necessary. I have a very non-judgemental attitude towards young people, indeed all the young people I have worked with have responded well to me and seem to enjoy my sessions with them even when dealing with difficult or sensitive situations.
I am quite passionate about equal opportunities and do not believe that being discriminatory is in anyone’s best interests. I did work, for a time, with young people with cerebral palsy and enjoy working with young people with special needs as much as with able-bodied young people.

2008 - Present

Serco Health - Custody Nurse

As a custody nurse I am a lone worker and currently cover the custody suite 24/7 apart fro four days a month. My role includes basic nursing care, treatment of minor injuries, treatment and management of drug/alcohol withdrawal with the use of PGD medication, venepunture, mental health assessment and obtaining forensic samples for evidential purposes.

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Certificate - RGN Level 1

Exeter School of Nursing and Midwifery

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