Julie Malone - Experienced Office Administrator

Office Sales Administrator at Corrib Oil Co Ltd



Current location


Work category

Admin and Clerical



Currently I am employed by Corrib Oil Co Ltd., a position I have held since 2007. Due to the down turn in the oil business, all employees are now on short-time and as a result of this I am seeking full time work elsewhere. I enjoy my current position which is challenging and rewarding but I also need job security.

I have experience in the field of office administration, training and classroom assistant.
I work in a very busy office taking orders, dealing with customers, in this business we have to be highly organised and be customer orientated. We use internet all day as our office is linked into a network. I have excellent IT skills.

I consider myself to be a cheerful, honest, trustworthy and a dependable person. I work well under pressure and can work to deadlines. I’m a good team player but can also work on my own initiative. I enjoy a challenge and can always rise to it.



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