Joseph   Fiegoli - Joseph E. Fiegoli serves as President of National Health Administrators, Inc.

President at National Health Administrators, Inc.

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United States

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National Health Administrators, Inc. which previously was known as Health Net, Inc., possesses an extensive network of proprietary preferred-provider organizations. The services of National Health Administrators are utilized by teachers, unions, and municipalities in the state of New York. Joseph Fiegoli’s responsibilities at the company include administrating self-funded health plans.

Under the leadership of Joe Fiegoli, National Health Administrators has become a leading contractual care provider. It maintains access to a great variety of laboratories, specialty centers, hospitals, and physicians. In addition, National Health Administrators is in partnership with a national pharmacy benefit management company. Because of his company’s unique methods and focus on pricing stability, Joseph E. Fiegoli foresees continuing success.

Joseph Fiegoli's Professional Experience

1997 - Present

National Health Administrators, Inc. - President

Executive Third Party Administrator

Administrating Self-Funded Health Plans

Joseph Fiegoli's Education and Qualifications

College Level -

Studied liberal arts at American University in Washington, DC.

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