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President at J Dostal Investments, Inc.



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Accounting and Finance

Joseph Dostal's Professional Experience

1987 - Present

J Dostal Investments, Inc. - President

With more than 30 years of finance experience, Joseph Dostal contributes his spare time and energy to a wide variety of philanthropic and service-oriented endeavors. Alongside his family, he often takes missionary trips to Mexico, where he provided substantial financial support to start a church. Joe Dostal also co-founded Living Stones Ministries, a church in the United States.

Throughout his career, Joseph Dostal attended and served as a board member for many churches. In addition to developing churches, he contributed substantially to the development of Falls Creek Retreat & Conference Center, a haven in Southwest Washington that caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from seniors and couples to pastors and corporate staff. At a Family Camp in Monroe, Washington, he served as the President and a member of the Board.

In the spirit of giving back to the community, Joseph Dostal opens his home to families in need of financial assistance. While providing these families time to establish a financial foothold, Mr. Dostal does his utmost to assist their children with promising educational opportunities. Towards this end, he has implemented scholarship programs for youth community theaters to help local children realize their goals.

As the President of J Dostal Investments, Inc., Joseph Dostal works with individual and business clients to establish investment portfolios with optimal rates of return. Registered in the State of Washington as an investment advisor, he designs and manages equity-based programs for those who invest with his firm. In addition to his career and charitable commitments, he enjoys reading about current events, playing competitive ping-pong and tennis, and pursuing a variety of other hobbies.

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Joseph is an active tennis player. He enjoys playing tennis with his family and friends. He considers himself a competitive ping pong player. He is also an avid reader, he loves reading about financial and political events and world changes. He spends a lot of time researching and analyzing corporations and how they interact and affect their industries. For example he has spent a lot of time researching and analyzing how huge new natural gas fields in the US will effect our economy and will reduce our dependency on foreign oil. He loves watching the Seahawks and Husky games. He loves to travel , enjoys fine dinning,and spending quality time with family and friends He enjoys working out and being fit and having a health live style.