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Field Instructor at Ecology Project International - Belize



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My name is Jordan Flagel. I grew up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and the booming oil industry in this area greatly affected my interests and aspirations. Instead of following all of my friends who went to work directly in the oil and gas industry, I wanted to work in the field of sustainable development; to work within the environment and resolve potential issues.

Prior to completing my two Master's degrees I was a two-sport student athlete at the University of Calgary playing on football and basketball teams that were each ranked in the top 3 of the country. I have also accomplished many extra-curricular goals in the areas of music, film, professional sports, and literature. I look forward to contributing to the continued development of the world in a sustainable manner.

Jordan Flagel's Professional Experience

2015 - Present

Ecology Project International - Belize - Field Instructor

Creating ecological literacy in an area of the world with incredible biodiversity

Key Skills
conservation ecology Environmental Education Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Management Terrestrial Ecosystem Management
2013 - 2013

Iwokrama International Center for Rainforest Conservation and Development - Tourism Officer & Forest Monitor

As the Tourism Officer I was responsible for receiving and educating guests about the mandate and purpose of the Iwokrama reserve protected area and the surrounding tropical rainforest. I also educated groups about forestry operations, sustainable development in the area, and environmental issues and concerns. My other role with this organization, as a Forest Monitor, was largely field based, This included spending multiple nights camped in the forest with little more than a hammock and net. Duties included taking water samples, recording rare wildlife sightings, measuring water quality at set transects, patrolling waterways for illegal hunting and poaching, and patrolling for illegal mining and logging activities.

Key Skills
Environmental Education, Leadership, Monitoring, Field Research, Wilderness Survival, Resourcefulness
2012 - 2013

International Institute for Sustainable Development - Consultant

As a consultant for the IISD, I was a freelance researcher for a project on trends in youth sustainability programs.

The culmination of this project resulted in a published article where I am credited as the lead author.

The article is available at IISD press.

Key Skills
Research, Project Management, Liaising, Time Management, Effective Writing
2011 - 2012

Weinheim Kindersportshule - Athlete / Educator

I was recruited to play professional football in Germany by the Weinheim TSG 1862 club. Part of my contractual obligations were to be a teaching assistant for athletics with the youth in the club. I gained valuable experience communicating and educating with language barriers.

Key Skills
Youth Education, Physical Fitness, Communication
2007 - 2011

University of Calgary - Camp Coordinator

Each summer from 2007 until 2011 I was responsible for developing basketball camp activities and coaching youth participants. I developed a very good rapport with campers and their parents and many parents commented on my ability to connect to the youth.

Key Skills
Leadership, Youth Education, Organizational Skills

Jordan Flagel's Education and Qualifications


Masters/PostGrad - Master of Science in Sustainable Environmental Resource Management

University of Malta

Covered a variety of susainability issues both in the classroom and in the field, focusing on today's most pressing needs: water, energy, agriculture, air & waste, and marine & coastal management.


Masters/PostGrad - Master of Science in Integrated Science and Technology

James Madison University


Bachelor/Degree - Geography

The University of Calgary

Specialized in Environmental Geography and Sustainable Development. Attended field school in Mediterranean Europe for one semester. Four-year scholarship member of both the varsity football and basketball teams. Member of the Palliser Club for Geography students.

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