Johnny  Amartey Nuno-Amarteifio - Ghana Business Executive Johnny Amartey Nuno-Amarteifo

Chief Executive Officer/ Managing Director at Ramel International Group

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A service industry professional, Amartey Nuno-Amarteifio contributes his time to a number of philanthropic organizations. With a focus on mitigating poverty, Amartey Nuno-Amarteifio charitably supports Habitat for Humanity in its efforts to provide safe and affordable housing for those in need.

Additionally, Amartey Nuno-Amarteifio works with Goodwill International Industries, Inc. to help individuals secure respectable employment. Through Goodwill, he also aids in providing families with the essential resources for safe housing, reliable transportation, and child care services.

Aside from his volunteer work, Amartey Nuno-Amarteifio upholds his responsibilities as Chief Executive Officer of Ramel International Group in Accra, Ghana. With satisfied clients from around the world, Ramel International Group maintains its status as a frontrunner in the specialty services field.

Johnny Amartey Nuno-Amarteifio's Education and Qualifications


PhD/Doctorate - Bachelor of Arts

Davidson College