John Blondel Jr. - Goldman Sachs

Managing Director at Goldman Sachs & Co.



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Accounting and Finance



John Blondel Goldman Sachs - John Blondel Jr. is on the Board, Finance Committee and co-chairs the Committee on the Board of the Academy of American Poets and is on the Board and Investment Committee of The Jackie Robinson Foundation. John Blondel Jr. is a Managing Director in the Investment Management Division at Goldman Sachs in NYC after having joined the firm in the early 1980's as an investment banker. John Blondel Jr. is a Harvard graduate with an A.B. with honors in U.S. History and also received his M.B.A. from Harvard. John Blondel Jr. is Co-Chair of his graduating class for the Harvard College Fund and also serves on the Committee on University Resources. John Blondel Goldman is also a veteran Board and Executive Committee member of the Friends of the High Line.


Investment Management

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