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I am an experienced computer repair tech and I love technology. Just completed a cert for cloud computing with rackspace online with over 80% Pass. Doing a Cert in Higher Computing CIT in Cork September. I would like to try HR for IT.

I have employed many sales people over the years an organized sales teams to sell Sky and Free To Air Systems. I like sales and can pick out a good sales person.

I just closed my business TV Digital as it has gone very quite since Saorview launched in October 2012. I was selling and installing Sky and Free To Air Systems and Broadband.

I am a good Web Designer with quite a bit of experience with Wordpress and Joomla.

I am looking to try something new now with a challenge. Something exciting and I love traveling. I have a very positive attitude to life as everyday is a new day never lived before, so I live it to the full.

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