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Hello, im a security professional and im looking for employment in the pmc, security field, through i some times am employed in security positions around town, my main goal is to be gainfully employed with a pmc. as compound security, and convoy security over seas!

john Daly's Professional Experience

2011 - Present

World Bodyguards Association - Agent

Agent, in Ireland for (WBA) head office located in Switzerland,
The best body guards association in the world I'm proud to be a Member and Agent, for such a fine association!

Key Skills
Hand-Hand Combat, Weapons, Sharp Shooting,
2009 - 2010

G4S Security Services Ltd. - Security Guard

Security Guard, Receptionist duty in the IFSC Dublin, dealt with access control and was responsible for front line contact for clients and visitors to the bank,
Dealt with post , registered letters and couriers,
Controlled employee parking, visitor parking, monitored c.c.t.v.
To verify this employement call G4S 01 856-1666 HR (Trish)

Key Skills
Receptionist Security Guard
2008 - 2009

Rapier Security Group Ltd. - Security Guard

Retail security guard, (Shopping Centre) respondsible for prevenention of loss of goods or miss placement, fire safety control, and safety of visitors,
Receptionist duty IFSC (banking system) respondsible monitoring c.c.t.v. employee parking, signing visitors in and out, access control,

Key Skills
ACC Banking Receptionist retail Security Guard
1999 - 2003

Carlisle Security Ltd. - Security Guard

Security Guard. (Shopping Centre security) patrol and guard, respondsible for locking up and opening up, monitoring c.c.t.v. and pay check delivery, (holding pay checks for employees) duties such as dealing with members of the public on a daily basis,

Key Skills
Security Guard
1994 - 1998

security services Inc. peoria, ILLinois UAS - securiyt officer

security officer, patrol and guard duties.

1988 - 1990

21st. Infantry Battlion, - Prirvte

Protection of Government personal and property, carried out escorts and security duties on many occasions, with compand security and armed convoy duties, fully trained in weapons and the can-18


john Daly's Education and Qualifications


Diploma - security

International foundation for protection officers


Bachelor/Degree - certified protection officer,, security and protection,

International foundation for protection officers,


member -

Global school of International private Investigators, certified protection officer, entery elvel protection officer, certificates in security supervisery managment and customer care, Licensed in door superviser and static guard, with Diplomas as p.i.

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my interests are in traveling as much as i can but love walking in the countary side and on the beach it keeps me fit and in shape, would like to try sky diving some day!


I am a member of many good associations and the Regional Manager in Ireland for (WBA) No.EM072342/14


Security institute of ireland sii certificate FETAC Level 4 certificate with psa Licence, (01B) (02C)
Certified protication officer, and entery Level protection officer, with the (Internalional Foundation for Protection Officers)
Certificates in security supervisery management and customer care, with a certificate in Occupational First Aid with the (irish red cross) i all so have a military back round in Ireland and France, with Fire Department Training in ILLinois USA.
Membership Plaques with (NCISS) (cali) (IFPO)