Joe Amicone - Renewable energy executive and attorney

Senior Vice President, Program Development at Greenlight Energy Group LLC



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After earning his Bachelor of Arts in English from Le Moyne College in 1992, Joe Amicone attended Fordham University to study communications. He earned his Master of Arts in Public Communications from the university two years later and soon embarked on a law degree. In May of 1997, Joe Amicone earned his Juris Doctor from Albany Law School and subsequently began a career as a licensed attorney in the state of New York.

Currently, Joe Amicone serves as the Senior Vice President of Program Development at Greenlight Energy Group, LLC, a renewable energy marketer headquartered in Troy, New York. In this role, Joe Amicone is primarily responsible for promoting the use of renewable energy by building partnerships with corporate and municipal organizations.

In his leisure time, one of Joe Amicone’s favorite things to do is spend time with his kids. He also enjoys reading and playing golf.



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