Jeusen Natesen - Experienced in cleaning, floor staff,bar back, kitchen porter

floor staff,bar back at pod entertainment



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Hotel and Catering



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Jeusen Natesen's Professional Experience

2009 - 2012

pod entertainment - floor staff,bar back

1. Get ice for the wells
2. Restock the bar with beer, liquor, wine, glassware etc.
3. Check the draught beers to make sure they're working and that they're not empty. If they're empty, change the kegs.
4. Collect empty glasses and wash glassware, use warm soapy water to wash, clean water to rinse and cold sanitizer to sanitize the glassware.
5. Get rid of trash and boxes
6. Help the bartender on anything that he/she needs.
7. Restock anything at the bar
8. Keep the bar clean

Key Skills
2009 - 2012

pod entertainment - cleaning supervisor

1. Duties include providing a comprehensive cleaning service to include dusting, vacuuming, washing floors, emptying bins, cleaning toilets, etc. to ensure high standards of cleanliness and hygiene at all times.
2. Supervise a team of Cleaners ensuring they know their duties
3. Check work carried out by the Cleaners to ensure a high standard of work is undertaken and maintained.
4. Maintain adequate supplies of cleaning materials and supplies (brooms, solutions, etc), re-ordering when needed, ensuring other cleaners have the supplies they need, to meet the establishments needs

Jeusen Natesen's Education and Qualifications


Diploma - Diploma in ict

Eurocollege Institute of Education