Jennifer Crist - Experienced Sales Associate, Merchandiser, and Personal Assistant

Personal Assitant at Odsessy/Paul Crist Studios



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My name is Jenny Crist, I am from Los Angeles, California. I now live in Westport Ireland because last spring when I came here I met a fabulous man who I am now engaged to. I was attending UCLA back in the states for Criminal Psychology but now I am waiting to attend school here next year and am currently looking for full time and part time jobs. I am a very fast learner. I have worked since I was 15 and have a lot of experience with computers and cash registers. Most of my work has been in sales and retail which also tied in merchandising so I have a lot of experience working with people of every age range. I am a very social person and very open and friendly.I love to have fun in the work place but also make sure the work is always done and presentable.

Jennifer Crist's Professional Experience

2006 - 2008

Attitude - Sales Associate

My job was to assist the customers with their clothing. Set them up in a dressing room making sure they were never holding clothes while looking through the store. I worked on my own so my other duties were to keep the store spotless and the clothes in order and presentable on the racks. When new clothing came in I had to steam them, tag them, hang them, and then put them through out the store. Keep inventory up to date and the bathrooms and dressing rooms clean.

2003 - 2005

Sephora - Stylist/Sales Associate

My job at Sephora was aiding men and women to find the perfect cosmetics and hair products. I would greet them at the door and ask them if they needed help finding products, help them find what they are looking for, give them samples and apply product to them in the store. Monthly inventory and cleaning was also part of my routine as well as merchandising. We were paid monthly but also received commission so we also had to be cashiers.

Key Skills
Cleaning Merchandising Sales associate
2002 - 2003

Target - Cashier/Merchandiser

For my job I rang up customers and bagged their items. I also had to merchandise the shelves in the store and go over inventory every month. Once a month I would also clean the shelves and products to be presentable.

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currently studying - Forensic Psychology



Diploma - General Education


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Jennifer Crist's Additional Information


My hobbies are photography, dance, drawing, painting, travel , and rock climbing. I love anything outdoorsy but I can also be a homebody and just paint and draw all day. I love to travel, which brought me to Westport Ireland where I met my amazing boyfriend and now live.


San Gabriel Police Explorer Academy Graduate