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With broad academic and practical experience, Jason Cholewa is a versatile scholar in Kinesiology. As an undergraduate, Cholewa earned a Bachelor's degree in Communications Studies from the University of Rhode Island. He subsequently shifted academic focus and moved to Springfield College, where he obtained a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology. In 2012, Cholewa completed a dissertation on the “Effects of Betaine on Strength, Power, Body Composition, and Homocysteine Thiolactone in Strength Trained Men,” earning a Doctor of Philosophy in Kinesiology.

In 2011, Cholewa became Adjunct Professor in Springfield College’s School of Human Services. In this capacity, he taught “Contemporary Issues in Human Biology” and “Outdoor Pursuits: Hiking.” Putting his knowledge of sports medicine into practical application, Cholewa also served as Assistant Coach on the Collegiate Bodybuilding Team. In this position, he developed exercise, nutrition, and weight training programs for up to 20 athletes.

Jason Cholewa's Professional Experience

2012 - Present

University of Kentucky - Lecturer

Teach: KHP 350 Strength and Conditioning KHP 240 Nutrition and Physical Activity KHP 210 Principles of Conditioning KHP 162 Outdoor Education

2011 - 2012

Springfield College - Adjunct Professor

Teach: Human Biology Hiking Contemporary Issues in Human Biology

2008 - 2012

BR Physical Performance - Owner

Develop individualized, evidence-based nutrition and exercise programs for athletes and fitness enthusiasts across North America, Europe, and Australia. Assist in the setting of short and long term attainable goals. Analyze and instruct exercise technique and monitor progress using virtual technology.

Jason Cholewa's Education and Qualifications


PhD/Doctorate - Exercise Physiology

Springfield College


Masters/PostGrad - Exercise Physiology

Springfield College


Bachelor/Degree - Marketing

University of Rhode Island

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Sprint training, power lifting, anthropology, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, outdoor education