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As the Vice President of Business Development for Sonic Mobile of Modica Group, Jason Block has cultivated an expertise in the communications industry for which he is frequently invited to speak at events hosted by the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA). In 2010, Jason Block’s dedication and leadership in the field of mobile communications was recognized by the prestigious Cambridge Who’s Who.

Before joining Sonic Mobile in 2009, Jason Block spent nearly a decade developing and designing media packaging that would be distributed to and utilized by a wide range of industries in the United States. In 2001, Jason Block became the Director of New Business Development and the Product Development Manager at MeadWestvaco, one of the premier packaging manufacturing companies in the country. In addition to maintaining his managerial position with MeadWestvaco, Jason Block carried out a two-year commitment with AGI Media Packaging.

Jason Block's Professional Experience

2009 - Present

Sonic Mobile - Vice President of Business Development

New Business Development and Industry Consultant and Educator
Building strategic relationships with global organizations and high profile clients
Chosen to represent industry at national conventions

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Bachelor/Degree - BFA

Columbus College

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