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Project Manager at INEXO Inc.



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United States

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Admin and Clerical



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A highly motivated, self-directed administrative professional with more than ten years of experience in an office environment, Jamie Lee Vesga brings a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to her job. Vesga is a team player and multi-tasker with highly developed communication skills and the ability to learn and adapt quickly. She is dependable, dedicated, and customer-focused.

Jamie Lee Vesga entered the administrative profession as an accounting clerk for the WEITZ company in Phoenix. In this position, Vesga performed a variety of accounting-related duties, including regular update and maintenance of ledgers, accounting journals, and other documents related to financial transactions. She assisted five accountants and a controller with client meetings and duties such as filing and scheduling.

Jamie Lee Vesga's Professional Experience

2011 - Present

INEXO Inc. - Project Manager

At Inexo, we build websites that are more than just a pretty image. Yes, we have the tools to build sites that introduce you to the world in a visible and effective way. However, we encourage our clients to build web applications that are functional, allowing for expansion of existing services and business operations. In the end, our solutions enable clients to work smarter by saving time and generating increased revenue.

Inexo is a data-driven solutions provider and offers a vast array of services specifically designed to take your project from start to finish. Our process of architecting and building your website or application sets the standard for development.

Besides creating unique sites and applications, we also provide a range of services including: strategy and planning, e-commerce, content management (CMS), search engine optimization (SEO), network services, hosting, and brand development.