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Financial Services Executive



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United States

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Accounting and Finance



Illinois native James Yount possesses nearly two decades of experience in the financial sector. Licensed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Jim Yount is legally permitted to communicate with retail investors, administer brokerage branches, and solicit any type of security order. James Yount’s professional career also consists of his role as creator and co-producer for the upcoming movie Warrior, starring Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, and Gabrielle Anwar.

A Financial Consultant, James Yount devotes his time and energy to assisting Financial Advisors in meeting their clients’ needs. Based in Southern California, Jim Yount works with wire houses, which are brokerage firms with private wire systems connecting to branch offices. Over the years, James Yount has traveled to New York for work in the state’s financial market. During his visits to New York City, Jim Yount stays active by running around one of the city’s reservoirs.

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Bachelor/Degree - Business Administration

Drury College

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