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2009 - Present

Wappingers Central School District - Superintendent of Schools

Curriculum and Program Development: Established district curriculum mapping initiative. Significant progress has been achieved to horizontally align the reading and writing curriculum at the elementary level. The Common Core Standards are reflected in the curriculum maps. Developed the State of the Educational Program document that summarizes all curriculum in areas; presentations are made to the Board of Education on a monthly basis. Guided implementation of Response to Intervention initiative; implemented a focused, action research model to improve the graduation rate. Facilitated continuous training in balanced literacy and differentiation of instruction; guided realignment of special education to establish a continuum of programs and services; prepared a cost effective plan for a full day kindergarten program. Personnel and Negotiations: Currently engaged in contract negotiations with facilities/transportation unit and teachers unit; resolved several problematic personnel issues involving tenured teachers, administrators and staff, resulting in improvement, resignations and/or retirements. Financial/Operations Management: I worked very closely with business official in developing budgets. The 2010-11 budget carried a 9.53% tax levy increase due to increased costs, depletion of the fund balance over past years prior to my appointment as superintendent and reduced state funding. Through much planning and hard-work, the district passed the past two budgets with a greater than a 60% plurality with record breaking number of residents voting. The budget process was complimented by many constituents and staff as transparent and informational. I developed a financial analysis and four-year financial plan to improve the district’s precarious financial position. I introduced many cost reduction measures such as performance contracting which is a process to upgrade facilities financed with the resulting decrease in energy costs; increased use of Requests for Proposals, resulting in substantial decreases in liability and workers compensation premiums; renegotiating vendor contracts, management of overtime, refinancing bonds, inventory control, grant management and improved STAC procedures. More than $1 million in savings has been realized in the 2010-11 school year and carried over into the 2011-12 school year; the fund balance has more than doubled over the past two years. Public Relations: Successful in creating an environment of trust with all school district constituents. The school administration, teachers, staff, parents, students and community members have an open, trusting partnership. I attend many concerts, plays, sporting events, other activities/programs and monthly PTA Council meetings. I also post information messages on our website on a monthly basis.

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