James Lanagan - Post Doctoral Researcher

Post Doctoral Researcher at Dublin City University



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IT and Technology



James Lanagan's Professional Experience

2009 - Present

Dublin City University - Post Doctoral Researcher

Working on industrial partnership contracts with a group of 5 researchers. My primary role at present is code implementation and execution.

Key Skills
2005 - 2009

Dublin City University - PhD Candidate

I am working on the analysis and automatic discovery of new and useful information within user created web content. With the advent of Web 2.0 and other related technologies, there is a need to be able to assess the reliability of information which can be added from anywhere and so has no inherit trust measure. By looking at the relationships of this new content to the already existing content, and also the source of this/related content, I hope to be able to devise metrics which can help in the ranking of information.

2005 - 2005

Centre For Digital Video Processing, Dublin City University - Research Assistant

Developed video content annotation and browsing system for industrial client. System provided MPEG-7 complient keyframe annotation of video, streaming video and LDAP authentication integration.

Designed the architecture for the system in conjunction with the client. Technologies included MPEG-7, eXist XML database, Apache Server, Darwin Streaming Server.

Became proficient in C#, Xpath, XQuery.

Key Skills
architecture LDAP XML
2004 - 2004

Carnegie Mellon University - Research Assistant

I Worked with the Informedia II Project who are currently researching the analysis and automatic extraction of events of interest from within video. My role here was to work with the system interface to these automatic processes and create a system which would be easier and more efficient for the end user.

James Lanagan's Education and Qualifications


PhD/Doctorate - PhD, Information Retrieval, Social Media, Computer Science

Dublin City University


Masters/PostGrad - MSc, High Performance Computing

Trinity College, Dublin


Bachelor/Degree - BA, Mathematics

Trinity College, Dublin

Second Level -

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