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ASB officer coordinator at phoenix community housing



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General Management



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2009 - Present

phoenix community housing - ASB officer coordinator

I currently work for Phoenix in the role of ASB specialist.
I have worked within the housing field for approximately 16 years.

I have been in this particular post for approximately 19 months and
I believe I can give much more to any post that involves accessing support for vulnerable or drug abuse/ mental heath clients, or
coordinating a service requirement. I have managerial experience within housing in support/homeless/tenancy management and ASB including drug counselling for substance misuse.

I have personal experience as a carer for my special needs brother and a family member who has been receiving support and care due to drug induced psychosis.
I can maintain clear personal / professional boundaries and I am able to focus upon the needs of the tenant/client in line with the stated aims and objectives of the organisation. I have the ability to work autonomously and can maintain accountability for the quality and content of my advice and support; I also have the capacity to work alongside partners without taking lead responsibility.
I am looking for a challenge!

Jacqueline Ash's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - BSC in occupational therapy

university of southampton

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