Jacek Zaporowski - Trademan at Ticon Insulation Ltd

Insulation Team Leader at Ticon Insulation Ltd



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Jacek Zaporowski's Professional Experience

2009 - Present

Ticon Insulation Ltd - Insulation Team Leader

Selecting the right insulating material such as foam, wool or silicate for a particular job.
Measuring, cutting and shaping insulating materials to fit round the pipe work.
Covering insulated equipment with metal sheet to protect from damage or bad weather.
Providing insulation using adhesives, etc. and sealing the area after insulation.
Attending daily toolbox meeting at the site.
Installing insulation materials using clips, adhesives and tapes to fit into place.
Insulating hot pipes, vessels, boilers and refrigeration and air-conditioning units as well as duct work.
Prioritising workload to ensure deadlines are met while producing a high quality of work.
Coordinating with site engineers and managers to ensure work is carried out to correct specifications.

Key Skills
AIR engineers

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