Isabel O'Donovan - Managing Director of Issie's Handmade Chocolate

Sales, Business and Retail Consultant at Issie's Business Consulting



Work category

Retail Wholesale and Purchasing



I am self driven, focused and motivated. I believe in quality customer service and I am extremely involved in marketing, PR, and building brand awareness. I enjoy networking and building the online presence of Issie's through social media. I relish a challenge. I am customer focused and I am very experienced in direct sales. My experience is primarily in SME's. I enjoy Market Research and Sales Psychology. I have over 20 year's experience of being self-employed. I am interested in new business start up's. I am involved in Social Media on a daily basis. I am keen to build and establish the "Issie's" Brand. I enjoy Strategy Planning and Implementation. I am very interested in FMCG, Sales and Marketing. I am a perfectionist and I always put in that extra effort to meet sales targets.

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