Ion John Ruscu - Electrician – (inclusively lineman),Assembler for electric devices,Industrial climber

Industrial machine operator at Imperial Manufacturing Group – 40 Industrial Park Street,Richibucto,E4W4A4,New Brunswick,Canada (



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- I can describe myself as a responsible person, with a normal life and work style, very careful to details and and a person that gives a special attention to materializing the results at his work place and in the communication with his colleagues and with his chiefs.
- Excellent communication skills,dynamic,interpersonal skills,easily adaptable.
- Easily adaptable to working conditions.
- Able to learn new things and easily develop new professional skills.

Ion John Ruscu's Professional Experience

2011 - Present

Imperial Manufacturing Group – 40 Industrial Park Street,Richibucto,E4W4A4,New Brunswick,Canada ( - Industrial machine operator

Type of bussines or sector:
- Building Materials/Manufacturing
Main activities and responsabilities:
- Production elements,piping,railings,ventilation,heating and air conditioning air purification
- Work on industrial machines Iowa Precision (USA) : Azimuth dimple punch,R2 Superior,Collermatic machine,Welty Way,Crimper Sampson,Flagler Cleat/Lockformer,Rollformer machine,Pexto,
Brown Boggs - 17/1,2 J;10 L presses and guillotines,Elbow machine,SS Adjusmatic Elbows,Universal Elbow
- Fixed operating cranes and gantries

2010 - 2011

GES Crane&Assembly Siemsa – C/Arrastaria No.21,Madrid city,postal code 28022,Spain ( - Electrician,Assembler for electric devices,Industrial climber

Type of bussines or sector:
- Green energy (wind and photovoltaic panels)
Main activities and responsabilities:
= San Lorenzo wind park – Valladolid Spain =
- Working at height,fitting and assembling wind energy structures,equipment and facilities (Vestas Denmark),photovoltaic panels
- Install and connect underground electrical cables (wind park – MV transformer substations)

Key Skills
Electrical SAN
2009 - 2010

Ruscu Ion - Authorized Natural Person((ANP - Electrical installation code - 4321) - Calea Bucuresti street No.46,Block of flats A19,Staircase 1,Apt 1,Caracal Municipality,postal code 235200,Olt county,Romania - Electrician

Bussines type:
- Private/partnership agreement - Independent electrical services Romania
Main activity and responsabilities:
- Electrical installations
- Electrical works such as assembling and repairing electrical installations and equipment (constructions)
- Interpreting and assembling the electrical installations and networks taking into consideration the project and the electrical plans
- Intervention and immediate repairs for all the electrical and non-electrical breakdowns and problems for any type of network and installation
- Assembling,maintenance,modification and repairs for any type of installation (domestic or industrial) or networks for any type of building,annex,industrial building,light signs and cassettes
- Assembling the measuring instruments and devices used for registering and measuring the voltage levels and the electricity

Key Skills
Electrical Repairs
2009 - 2009

Botrygg Bygg AB – Duvkullestingen No.4,Linköping city,postal code 58725,Sweden ( - Electrician - electrical installation

Bussines type:
- Private/partnership agreement - Independent electrical services Sweden
Main activity and responsabilities:
- Electrical installation
- Assembling the inside and outside electrical installations on the civil and industrial building sites (Stockholm)
- Additional electrical circuits for air conditioner,electrical kitchen devices,washing machines,shower cabins and jacuzzi,electrical thermal power plants,floor heating system with environment thermostat,quick boilers,convectors
- Inside and outside lighting with photocell watch and movement detecting sensor (automatic lighting),timer for lighting staircases,lands and recreation places,separations for extensions,lightning rod
- Overvoltage protection to avoid the electrocution for houses,villas, apartments,holiday houses,chalets and commercial spaces

Key Skills
AIR Electrical
1990 - 2009

Maintenance and Electric Services Branch”Electrica Serv”SA – 1A Stefan cel Mare Avenue postal code 011736,district 1,Bucharest,Romania ( - Electrician – all types (inclusively lineman – specialized in realizing all the work at a certain height with or without voltage)

Authorizations and certifications obtained:
- Authorization of electrician ITI-PM (internal technical information and information for work protection – 3rd group)
- Certificate of Rigger in the basis – Rl-03 ISCIR, articles 7.4.21 and 7.4.24 (according to the internal technical legislation from Romania)
Type of bussines or sector:
- Energy/Networks and high voltage electrical substations
Main activities and responsabilities:
= Maintenance for electrical facilities =
1.Overhead power lines of 0,4 KV for general purposes and street
- Drills for detecting faulty sections,checking the pylons and wires,clearing away the vegetation from the routs and removing fallen objects from power lines,changing damaged insulators,restoring inscriptions,calibrating fuses,replacing damaged pylons,replacing wires, clamping contacts,grinding metallic confections,balancing phase loads,setting up warning plates,verifying points of ignition,replacing damaged lamps,inadequate clamps and connections,replacing inadequate connections,energy measurements
2.Overhead power lines for the distribution of medium voltage electricity:
- Controls for tracking down the RAR-s repeated functioning, check of the pylons and wires,specific control in the case of floods,heavy or long term rain,replacement of damaged insulators,replacement of damaged pylons,replacement of conductors,clearing away the vegetation from the routs and removing fallen objects from power lines,repairing faulty contacts and connections,restoring inscriptions and setting up warning plates,adjusting dischargers,disassembly and reassembly of variable-resistance dischargers for try-outs in the laboratory,energy measurements
3.Overhead power lines 110/220/400 KV:
- Accidental controls for tracking down hazardous areas after a short circuit in order to detect visible failures,checking beds and filling them with soil,fixing the pylons,brackets,replacing faulty insulation elements,replacing bottom electrode,checking and restoring security markings and signs prohibiting access,checking the status of pylons and wires,checking and adjusting the conductor direction,checking and reviewing of the grounding installation,checking and adjusting protection rings for insulating chains,verification of connection clamps,control and repair of warning beacons,check of overhead power lines gouge compared to the land,buildings,annexes
4.Underground electric lines 0,4 KV and medium voltage:
- Drills for withdrawal from service in order to perform specific works,identification of cable routing,load and voltage measurements,fix malfunctions (replacing blown fuses,restoring contacts,isolating columns,repairing cables,sleeves,terminals),maintenance of distribution boxes,power measurements,identification of cable routing,malfunction detection,mantle verification,socket and terminal recovery,energy measurements
5.Transformer stations 400/220/110/20 KV:
- Checking and completing the primary gear oil level (transformers,separators,switches)
- Checking grounding installations and dyeing/inscriptions works
- Replacing faulty subassemblies and works and clearing away the dust from the insulation
- Checking primary electricity pathways and connections between primary equipment
- Preventive measurements and oil sampling for measurements and analysis of insulating oil
- Checking and adjusting primary gear actuators
- Checking and maintaining internal services (electricity,batteries, compressed air)
6.Modernization,rehabilitation and new distribution works:
- Overhead lines 0,4 KV on wood or concrete pylons,with insulated and un-insulated conductor
- Overhead lines 20/110/220/400 KV
- Underground power lines 0,4 KV Medium Voltage (MV)
- Extension of electric networks of low,medium and high voltage
- Mono-phase and three-phase branching
- Medium and high voltage cells and 400/220/110/20 KV transformer stations
7.Power equipment repairs and checks
- Power reviews for 110/220/400 KV (6.3 t - 40 MVA)
- Primary switching equipment repairs : Separators,Switches 400/220/110/20/10/6/0,4 KV
- Repairs,MOP actuators for 400/220/110 KV switches
- MR actuators repairs
- Repair of Rotating Electrical Machines 6;0,4;0,18 -100 KVA

Key Skills
AIR Electrical electrice electrician electromecanic Repairs Reparaţii
1988 - 1988

SC Romula SA – Bicaz street No.5,Caracal Municipality,postal code 235200,Olt county,Romania - Electrician,Assembler for electric devices,Locksmith

Type of bussines or sector:
- Industrial equipments and technology
Main activities and responsabilities:
- Maintenance of electrical equipment and industrial technology for a railway plant
- Production of metal for railway freight hoppers

Key Skills
Cleaning Electrical Gardening plumbing Special Needs
1987 - 1988

The National Company of the Brown Coal Oltenia SA - Tudor Vladimirescu street No.1-15,Targu-Jiu Municipality,postal code 210132,Gorj county,Romania ( - Electrician maintenance and repairs giant bucket excavators

Type of bussines or sector:
- Mining
Main activities and responsabilities:
- Maintenance and repairs for the giant bucket excavators,
maintenance and repairs for the automatic equipments and for the equipments from the electric houses (Krupp model) of the operation ends within the coal and sterile line bands
- Maintenance drive heads(synchronous and asynchronous motors),electric install bus lanes charcoal and sterile

Key Skills

Ion John Ruscu's Education and Qualifications


Certificate - Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning - Approval to continue profession as skilled worker electrical trades – (electrician low voltage) ROU

Direktoratet for Samfunnssikkerhet og Beredskap (DSB) Rambergveien street No.9,Tønsberg city,postal code 3115,Norway (


Diploma - Mechanical Technician for Maintenance and Repairs ; Principal subjects/occupational skills covered:- Technology and Techniques

The Technical College”Matei Basarab” – Alley 1 Decembrie 1918 street No.4,Caracal Municipality,postal code 235200,Olt county,Romania


Diploma - Electrician ; Principal subjects/occupational skills covered:- Electric and Energetic – Electrician specialization high voltage transformation stations,electrical networks and installations

The Agro - IndustriaProfessional School (The Technical College“Danubius“) – Bucharest street No.29,Corabia city,postal code 225300,Olt county,Romania


Diploma - Art ; Principal subjects/occupational skills covered:- Popular Art

The Art School and Crafts – Draganesti street No.29,Slatina Municipality,postal code 230119,Olt county,Romania

Ion John Ruscu's Additional Information



I do not want to deny that the main reason is financial, but apart from that I think that working in a large and successful company will have the opportunity to evolve professionally and my experience gained so far will be put in value, what I will bring great satisfaction.


- 09/2000 – 07/2008
Name of instution:
- The House Culture”Radu Serban” – Cuza Voda street No.10,Caracal Municipality,postal code 235200,Olt county,Romania
Course name:
- I have participated in different courses,competitions and exams in the domain: (hotels,restaurants,social asistance) but wich had not been recognized and rewarded with a diploma or a certificate