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I am a passionate educator with more than 15 years of experience in educating children from the ages of 3 to 19. I am an enthusiastic and energetic educator, effective communicator at all levels of education, showing high level of professionalism while working with students, creative in classes and activities. During my lifetime career of teaching I have developed my communication skills in terms of finding a language to communicate with students of different age groups; organizational and management skills through the initiation and organization of numerous school and outdoor activities, improvement of existing curriculum and development of new branches of the curriculum. My international experience has served me in improving my flexibility in the study process. I am seeking to continue further my career in teaching and finalize my international teaching profile.

Iliana Torokova's Professional Experience

2007 - 2009

130 SOU - Teacher

 Teaching 3-4 groups daily, up to 90 pupils
 Designed and developed the teaching curriculum for the school year
 Advised parents on a weekly basis regarding the progress of their children
 Organised yearly open day for parents to witness teaching practice
 Psychological testing and measurement to evaluate pupils

Key Skills
Childcare teacher primary secondary
2002 - 2005

Slovak Primary and Secondary School - Primary and Secondary Teacher and Childcare

 Teaching 5-6 groups daily, up to 30 pupils per group
 Acquainted new curriculum and adapted to it
 Coordinated and developed combined programs
 Improved communication amongst students
 Stimulated high results in education

Key Skills
Childcare secondary primary teacher educator
1998 - 2002

Bulgarian School in Slovakia - Teacher

 Teaching different age groups, up to 20 pupils per group
 Group- Age 5 – improved communication, developed a study regime
 Group – Primary school Age 7 – Coordinated in creating study habits, developed combined multi-national educating activities
 Group – Secondary school Age 10 – Applied curriculum and evaluated development of students
 Organized various outdoor school activities with different age groups
 Guided school trips and workshops

Key Skills

Iliana Torokova's Education and Qualifications


Masters/PostGrad - Pedagogy

National Qualification Authority of Ireland

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Level 9 on National Qualification Frame from National Qualification Authority of Ireland