Ian McHenry - Ian McHenry has exhibited astute financial expertise since running a successful business enterprise during his undergraduate ye

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Ian McHenry brings a fresh and expert perspective to the financial and managerial consulting sectors. Working as an Investment Banking Analyst and as a Consultant at a top-tier international management consulting firm has taken McHenry all over the world. Ian McHenry’s experience with international business dates back to his years at Princeton University in New Jersey, which he attended from 2001 until graduating in 2005. In the summer of 2002, he utilized his time between semesters to travel to the small community of St. Margaret’s Village in Belize as a Volunteer Park Ranger and Grant Writer. Here, Ian McHenry worked hard to turn Five Blues Lake National Park, a local treasure on the brink of being destroyed, into a financially sound enterprise in order to preserve it.

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2010 - Present

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Bachelor/Degree - Politics

Princeton University