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Writing software is not easy but that's what makes it so interesting!

I am always aiming to broaden my experience and deepen my knowledge of the tools I work with and I have a genuine interest and passion for working with people to solve interesting problems.

Understanding is the key to success. Understanding both the problem and the means to accomplish your goal. My goal is to understand my work to the point of allowing me to be creative and confident that I can achieve great things.

I enjoy working with engaged and driven people. Its more fun to work with people who ask more than "how do we make this work", I want to know "how do we make this better". To do this I read technology books, keep personal projects and read source code of large open source, mature software libraries in order to learn the skills of those with more experience than I.

As Isaac Newton said, "If I see farther than you, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants."

They say it takes 10,000 hours to become and expert, well I'm well on my way.

Specialties: Ruby programming, Rails web development, Linux, MySQL, Postgresql, RSpec, HTML5.

Iain McNulty's Professional Experience

2013 - Present

Picturk - Software Developer

I'm currently a Ruby developer working with Rails. At Picturk I develop and maintain the public facing website as well as making a significant contribution to the code base of the SaaS application. I have added major features and refactored old code to make the system conform better with Object Oriented principles of design.


Created www.picturk.com website using RefineryCMS and modified and extended RefineryCMS to suit the needs of the company.


- jQuery for UI
- Used Bootstrap to style the website
- Added AddThis to allow for social sharing of content

== Examples ==

- Practice regression testing using RSpec and Cucumber.
- Used TDD in suitable cases
- Wrote a Ruby wrapper gem for the exiv2 library
- Created Rails engine for a pluggable support form
- Implemented cron based application backup script
- Implemented deployment strategy for the website
- Interationalized the application to display translations

Key Skills
jQuery Ruby strategy

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