Hubert O'Donoghue - Entrepreneur and Senior Executive in the Payments and Software Industry

CEO at OmniPay Limited



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IT and Technology



Hubert O'Donoghue's Co- Founder and Chief Technology Officer role at OmniPay (2000 - 2006)

Hubert O'Donoghue has been involved in the IT Transaction management sector since the late '80s. Most recently, following the sale of his remaining interest in OmniPay Ltd; a company which he co-founded in 2000; he moved on to establish O-C Group with Patrick Clarke

Hubert O'Donoghue held the position of Chief Technology Officer at OmniPay with overall responsibility for the technical direction of OmniPay's processing platform.

Under his leadership of the IT Organisation a transaction management platform was built which positioned the Company to offer global support for ecommerce transaction processing. The unique design of the platform soon gave the company a leadership position in the market attracting the Transaction Management giant First Data Corporation to acquire a majority interest in the company in 2002.



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