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Consistently delivering results while performing above and beyond the call of duty, Herman Allen Autry has always been acknowledged as an inspiring leader and great motivator. Blessed with an instinctive approach towards corporate social responsibility, Herman Allen Autry has always taken career responsibilities and the company's duties to the community quite seriously. Participating in a number of company-sponsored community activities, Herman Allen Autry has been one with the company in ensuring that their social performance will constantly be world-class and at par with global trends. Herman's most recent participation was in a company-sponsored Houston-based program called BG Be Fit. Herman, in the capacity as Manager for Corporate Responsibility, tirelessly worked alongside David Keane, Vice President for Policy and Corporate Affairs, to bring Texas Children's Hospital beneficiaries a donation of $75,000. Aside from the donation, Herman worked with the team in order to ensure the success of BG Be Fit, where they gathered kids three times a week at the local Cossaboom YMCA to learn about fitness and exercise; parents were also taught about healthy cooking and eating habits. This program that Herman helped put up also included a 'Fabulous Food Fest' for the program's eager participants. Herman Allen Autry's selfless participation showed how this career professional genuinely cares about the community. While motivating the team to participate actively in the activity, Herman was able to bring forth a genuine sense of corporate social responsibility to the whole project. The simple act of untiring participation was Herman's way of giving back time and effort to the community where the company belongs, a truly unique gift in itself.

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