Herman Autry - HERMAN AS A LCSW (Licensed City Social Worker)

Licensed City Social Worker at NBC

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United States

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As a high-profile professional who takes corporate social responsibility as seriously as one's career role, Herman Allen Autry has always participated in activities that highlight BG Americas & Global LNG's thrust for community service. Aware that the company belongs to a community, Herman Allen Autry has tirelessly given of self to ensure that the community grows as the company's business thrives. Joining BG Americas Vice President for Policy and Corporate Affairs David Keane, Herman Allen Autry actively participated in a BG-sponsored activity, BG Be Fit. As a way of helping BG Americas express its gratitude to the community, Herman, Manager of Corporate Responsibility, helped implement a local version of the UK-based weight management program called MEND (for Mind Exercise Nutrition Do It!).

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